7 Free Google Docs Resume Templates Instant Download

Google is constantly coming up with a variety of apps for the convenience of the users that are making our use useful. The users can easily find any information from Google. Google Docs is a great service within the Google service and it is completely free. Users can easily make editing, styling, easily formatting text; add links, images, drawings, and paragraphs add if necessary, creating, editing and saving any word document can be done using Google Docs.

Since Google Docs has to work online, every change is automatically saved in Google Drive. And later they can be accessed from any computer that has internet connection. In addition, multiple users from multiple computers can simultaneously edit a document in Google Docs. In this case, if any user changes any part, all the users connected to that time will see it.

The biggest advantage of Google Docs is that multiple users can use and edit the same file at the same time. It supports file formats of almost all conventional processing applications.

We’ve collected 7 Google Docs resume templates that are easy and free for users. Also, we have attached some tips on how to use the templates very easily.

1. Sarah Watson Resume

Free Google Docs Resume Template

2. Google Docs Template in Serif

3. Google Docs Template in Swiss

4. The Muse’s Resume Template

5. Google Docs Coral

How to use Google Docs Resume Resume?

Make sure you’re logged into your Google account.

Open Google Docs link

1. Click File Menu
2. Click Make a copy.

Rename your file and start for update